Fartai Electronics Co.,Ltd. provides you with flexible electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and comprehensive solutions for PCB manufacturing. Fartai Electronics Co.,Ltd. not only focuses on the manufacturing of Complex PCB components, but also provides a complete finished product assembly chain for the original designer and manufacturer. We focus on highly desirable end markets within a geographic strategy. We provide services to customers in medical electronics, communications, automotive, clean energy and industrial markets, and improve efficiency and cost optimization for our partners by optimizing the integration of industrial value chains and resources.

  ——Areas of expertise include systems and circuit board design from concept to production, and contract manufacturing services from EMS to sheet metal manufacturing, mold, injection molding, assembly, integration and production.

  ——We always strictly implement the concept of "quality is a good strategy". Our factory in China will try our best to meet the customer's timely and fastest delivery time, so as to ensure customer satisfaction. At the same time, we are committed to all aspects of the new market, and we are looking forward to growing with you.

  ——Fartai has specific expertise in electronics, specializing in the production and customization of its own brand products for the original designer manufacturers.